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St Mary Redcliffe - Bristol

Director, Marcus Chantrey, was appointed as the Inspecting Architect for St Mary Redcliffe, Bristol in 2012.  The Quinquennial inspection report was completed the same year and included a roped access inspection of the spire stonework by conservators.

In conjunction with community initiatives to redevelop Redcliffe, Marcus is assisting the church in developing proposals for improved visitor and community facilities.  Studies to improve energy efficiency in the church are ongoing in preparation for Bristol becoming the Green Capital of Europe and an access study has been completed that explored the developmental changes of the approach to the north porch.

Stone, plaster, leadwork, drainage and flooring repairs have recently been completed together with the re-ordering of St John’s Chapel.  Isothermal glazing trials have commenced to conserve and protect the medieval glass in the Chapel windows.  The church has been laser scanned and the first digital drawings and model of the church have been prepared.