Cullompton Secures Funding

Monday, 21st November 2011

benjamin + beauchamp architects are pleased to announce their client The Walronds Preservation Trust (CWPT) have secured a £1.75m grant for the restoration of the Grade I Listed Building from the Heritage Lottery Fund.

Work will now begin to enable full restoration of the house. Work to the ground floor and gardens will allow a wider community use. The client has also received funding from other grant givers including English Heritage and Devon City Council.

Speaking on behalf of the CWPT Jane Campbell, Chair, and Michael Woodcock, Company secretary said “We at the Walronds are immensely grateful to the national trustees of the HLF for this wonderful grant. We are determined to fulfil their trust by bringing the project to full life to the benefit of our community, to the benefit of visitors from all over the country and from overseas. We have a skilful and determined team and will do the job well and quickly.”

Cullompton Secures Funding Cullompton Secures Funding Cullompton Secures Funding